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22 amazing special and unforgettable wedding cakes

The wedding season has started and this is the time to wash your eyes with the most amazing wedding cakes in the world. 
It's true that the bride's dress is the most important, and the DJ and the food and the place, and the bridegroom of course, but to really impress, the wedding cake should be impressive and eye-catching, never forgotten.
Here are some of the most special, impressive and beautiful cakes, from which you can get ideas for your wedding cake:

22. A fairy tale cake, a palace, a carriage with horses and princesses - yenersway

21. Harry Potter's Wedding Cake - The cake looks like an elegant white cake, at the back is expecting a surprise, the Marauder's Map, the Hogwarts school map, is drawn on the cake, and other symbols from the Harry Potter books. The creator of the cake did everything by hand, including the exact painting of the map! Scrumptious Cakes - Dundee

20. A wedding cake with folded chocolate - is there anything more tasty than that?  Scrumptious Cakes - Dundee

19. What's more beautiful? Black Gothic dress cake or white romantic dress cake? Sweetlake Cakes

18. Flowers Artistic cake by Marek

17. A blue and white cake with white lilies and violets made of sugar dough. Cake Maker: Dorty Maja

16. A black and white cake with inspirational quotes, with a coating of the effect of a tree trunk. The source of the picture and explanation of how to prepare the effect of the amazing tree trunk: Cara's couture cakes

15. Metal cake - another unusual and daring cake - a cake coated with metallic paint, looks like wrapped in torn aluminum foil, but looks perfect. Cake Maker: Erin Bakes

14. A cake that tells the whole story - from the first meeting in the cafe, through the marriage proposal to the wedding ceremony. Source: Cakes by Jane

13. Amazing and unusual wedding cake - dark chocolate cake with sunflowers (image source)

12. A country cake, with flowers, butterflies and bees - everything is edible! A link to a video in which you can see everything closely.

11. An alternative wedding cake, dark chocolate, with strawberries, cherries and berries. Cake Maker: #BENTHECAKEMAN

10. Rustic cake- A cake with flowers on a tree trunk engraved with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. Source: Blossombasket

9. A cake collapses, from which the bride falls, straight on the groom who fell on the cake below. Funny cake for wedding (image source)

8. Ariel's Wedding Cake The Little Mermaid and the Prince of Disney

7. Wedding Cake Carousel with horses- A wedding cake with carousel decoration with horses for a Spanish family that combines both its Spanish roots and its affection for horses. The cake maker Beca Milano Bolos e Doces

6. Wedding Cake - Disney Castle

5. A wedding cake with an elephant and a rabbit - A two-story wedding cake, with an elephant doll and a fishing rod, and a rabbit on the head. The cake was created by Fine Cakes By Zehra.

4. A wedding cake covered with diamonds - This amazing cake of Royal Cakes in Los Angeles is full of diamonds, crystals and pearls with a huge diamond ring in its head. Source image

3. Castle cake- This wedding cake is in the shape of a Disney Castle, which is suitable for a prince and princess. The cake is decorated with statues of golden angels and below is a carriage with two horses waiting for the couple that has just been married. The cake shop that makes these cakes is in Indonesia. The price of cakes can reach up to 40,000 Pound! Image source

2. A fairy-tale carriage cake- Jennifer and Ryan Pickett asked the cake artist Nadia Moon for a fairy-tale carriage, with angel wings, crosses, and lots of flowers. The result is no less than perfect. The cake placed on a cart reached enormous heights and looked exactly like Cinderella's carriage. Image source

1. A chalkboard cake - a new and charming trend, of cake coating in dark sugar dough and white writing, so it looks like chalk on the board. You can write and paint what you want and make a personal dedication to the groom and bride (source images)

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