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17 funny pictures of babies whose parents were bored when they watched them

Sometimes watching your baby is a bit boring task. It's true he's cute, but how much can you read him stories or play with cubes? The next parents felt they had to do something to break the routine and get out of boredom. They photographed their children in original, creative and funny poses, and the result - special pictures that will remain a keepsake forever, in part because they are viral on the net. Here are some of the pictures that for sure won't leave you indifferent.
Note: I didn't find all the sources for the photos because they are so viral, so if you know who's the owner of the cute baby in the picture, please let me know!
Hair styling in the bathtub (image source)

What happens when you leave the baby with each of the above?
(Mother, father, uncle and grandmother) image source

A manly and muscular baby

Who said watching the baby is difficult?

Dogs can also be good babysitters © laughsark

Let the cat put the baby to sleep © vk
Like father like son

H E L P! I can't reach the pedal

Baby Harley Davidson

This is what happens to your lovely baby when you draw her eyebrows (source)

The Mummy 2

The baby is packed and ready

The tough look

Like father like son 2

Married couple after 20 years

Bath of strawberries

A little wizard on a broom

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