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12 Most funny wedding cakes you'll ever see

One of the most important things in married life is a sense of humor, and there is no better time to start laughing than at a wedding. Here are some funny wedding cakes that sure entertained the guests and made everyone happy:
Humorous Wedding Cake Yenersway

Spider-Man peeps from below, maybe comes to save the wedding ...

A Minions funny cake of auxai Tartas

This is what happens when you rush to a wedding on a motorcycle ...L'Abeille En Sucre

A cake of bride and groom who like to do fitness and especially lift weights. caketortymajana75

A humble bridegroom cake- The woman is pregnant, the groom on all fours is tied like a dog, and the dogs and cats are having fun. caketortymajana75

Caution! The cake falls (and with it the bride)

Everyone is drunk... 
Scrumptious Cakes - Dundee

You're not allowed to speak anymore... MySweetestLab

  The groom seems unhappy MySweetestLab

 Žaklina Žaklina‎‏  That's it! No more motorcycle

Cute and funny cake of bride and groom hedgehogs

A wedding cake of all the fast, unhealthy and delicious food - hamburgers and donuts, hot dog and pancakes, puffs and cookies, chocolate and cold cuts - Cake maker: Laura Loukaides

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