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Cute food designs in rice

Rice is a grain that feeds more than half of the world's population. It is rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins and can be a good base for a healthy meal. But apart from food, rice can also be a material for creation. In the following pictures you will see how rice can be a creative and fun sculpture material and how it can become food that no child will refuse to eat:
Rice bear floating in lentil soup - both a cute statue and a perfect nutritionally meal (unknown source)
Rice spacecraft in a dish combined with healthy vegetables (source)
The lovely Kitty made of rice (source)
Two people enjoy a hot bath (source)

Cute bear enjoys inside a saucer with sunshade (source)
Bear face with ears and eyes made of egg at a meal full of health (source)
Sweet alpaca on plate (unknown source)
Sweet sleeping bear (source)

A cute bear from rice sleeping and covered with a blanket (source)

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