Special days of the year

National Salami Day- 7 September

Salami Day is the day that celebrates the greatness and wonders of Salami sausage.
The name Salami is derived from the Italian word salare, meaning salty.
From his name you must have already understood that his source is Italian cuisine.
The salami day was founded by Salami Appreciation Society (SAS), a group of salami enthusiasts who grew up in the city of Henrikou, Virginia, and felt that people ignored Salami and took it for granted, while it was a great addition to sandwiches or Salads and deserves more respect.
source: amazon

In order to celebrate Salami Day, you can do a salami party, where refreshments are served with salami sausage, or a picnic and sandwiches with salami or crackers with salami or salami cubes with olives and more.
There are plenty of possibilities to combine salami with a meal.

If you're vegetarian or vegan, you probably don't celebrate Salami Day. We understand you. Your'e right. To make salami you have to slaughter cattle in a very cruel way and it's not worth it. To our delight there are vegetarian and vegan versions for salami. MEAT IS MURDER

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