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Microbiologist Louis Pasteur's birthday- December 27

Louis Pasteur, born on December 27, 1822, made a huge contribution to the world of vaccination.
Pasteur was a French chemist and biologist who had pioneered the study and prevention of disease, and his discoveries saved the lives of millions of people ever since.
Pasteur is famous for his contribution to dairy technology, a process that prevents food contamination by bacteria and lies in his name - pasteurization.
Louis Pasteur is one of the three founders of Bacteriology-Bacteriology, together with Robert Koch and Ferdinand Cohen. Thanks to Pasteur's discoveries, the number of deaths from birth defects dropped significantly. He also created the first vaccine against rabies and anthrax.
Although Pasteur was not the first to propose the theory of bacteria, he developed it and carried out experiments that clearly demonstrated the correctness of the theory and convinced many European scientists of its correctness, thereby contributing to the development of science in this field later on.
He died on September 28, 1895, at home surrounded by family and friends, as a result of poor health resulting from a series of cerebral palsy.

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