Special days of the year

Special days in October on changing dates

Change A Light Day- The First Sunday of October

National Walk Your Dog Week - October 1st- October 7th

World Architecture Day- The First Monday of October

World Habitat Day- The First Monday of October

Random Acts of Poetry Day- The first Wednesday in October

World Smile Day- The First Friday of October

World Card Making Day- The First Saturday of October

Native American Day- The Second Monday of October

Face Your Fears Day- The Second Tuesday of October

National Food Truck Day - October 11- Next time on 2018!

Emergency Nurses Day- The Second Wednesday of October

Take Your Parents To Lunch Day

World Sight Day- The Second Thursday of October

Vet Nurse Day- The Second Friday in October

World Egg Day- The Second Friday of October

World Toy Camera Day- The Third Sunday of October

Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day- The Third Monday of October

Ada Lovelace Day- The 'middle' Tuesday of October

Hagfish Day- The Third Wednesday of October

Global Dignity Day- The Third Wednesday of October

Conflict Resolution Day- The Third Thursday of October

Get Smart About Credit Day - The Third Thursday of October

Mother-In-Law Day- The Fourth Sunday of October

International Bandana Day- The Last Friday of October

Hug A Sheep Day- The Last Saturday in October

Make A Difference Day- The Fourth Saturday of October

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