June 15, 2016

Nature Photography Day- 15 June

Nature Photography Day was created by the Society of Nature Photographers in North America in 2006 to promote the beauty of nature photography and to promote the preservation and protection of plants, wildlife and landscapes around the world. 
Since then, people around the world have discovered many ways to observe and enjoy the Nature Photography day. If you want to celebrate the day, why not leave the city and look for beautiful places in nature, with flowers and landscapes. Also within the city you can find places with a piece of nature easily, flowers, sea, birds, trees, grass, parks and more. You can also go up to the roof of a tall building and photograph the landscape. Nature photography can be uploaded to the Flickr site, where there are groups of photographers that can be joined to receive feedback and feedback from other people, or to Facebook where you can get a lot of likes and more.
Nature photograph in the city
The sea- a view from the train

Photograper: Yoel Yaron

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