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Put your pillow on your fridge day- 29th May

Every night our pillow comforts us and let us sleep. 
But maybe it's a bit annoying that during the day she has no use and she just lies on the bed useless. In order for the pillow to be even more efficient than it is, there is a belief that if you put the pillow on the refrigerator during the day it brings prosperity and good luck. 
Before the refrigerators were invented in the 1920s, people in Europe and the United States put their pillows in the pantry for good luck once a year, and today the custom of storing food changed, so they moved the pillow over the refrigerator. 
The day of the year that the pillow should be put on the refrigerator for good fortune and prosperity is the 29th May. 
So, why not trying? Don't forget, on the morning of May 29, after you wake up and before you leave the house, place the pillow on the refrigerator and the luck will shine to you!
Put a pillow on your fridge day

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