Special days of the year

Funny pillows

This is a donut? ... No, this is a pillow! I think tonight I'm going to eat my pillow. Don't be surprised if you don't find your pillow in the morning if that's how it looks:  Donut Pillow- Link

Girlfriend pillow, if you're lonely and need someone to hug...  Girlfriend pillow- Link

Another pillow you might eat is the chicken pillow. If you love grilled chicken's legs you can put them on your sofa.
If you love to eat meat, you will like something that gives you excuses and backs you up like the "Protesting Vegans"- pillows of Vegetables protest signs Against Vegans. Protesting vagetables pillow- Link

I am your mom. Your argument is invalid. 
Yummi... Pizza! Pizza pillow- Link

Save water- Drink beer (good idea if your age is more than 18 or 21, depends on where you live)  

If you're on a diet so this is the pillow for you. Sorry....
 Pickle pillow- Link

The secret meaning of life- I didn't know it's so simple! The meaning of life - Link
Today has been cancelled- Yeay!!!! Link

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