January 17, 2017

Cable car day- 17 January

On January 17, year 1871, Andrew Smith Hallidie, British-born US resident, registered the first patent of the cable, making the date as of January 17, the cable car.

The design of Hallidie transferring loads generated by cable car came when he tried to pull up the steep Jackson Street in San Francisco. The inspiration came to him from watching the horses who carry loads and falling exertion, sometimes even die.

Fortunately for horses, Hallidie was not just sympathetic for them, but also a talent he executed and used trolleys traveling on long mining cables to carry the load.
Two years after patenting of the cable, Hallidie installed the world's first road used by coach traveling on Clay Street cable. Although his cable car did not survive, the car that fits 8 people kept Mason Street Cable Car Museum in San Francisco.
Cable Car Museum- 1201 Mason st

The years passed and the patent for the cable car ride heights courage car hanging in the air and you can drive it to go mountain locations or watch the view from above.
In honor to the cable car day, go to a to a place that offers cable cars travels and take a ride.
Picture courtesy of: © papaija2008- FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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