October 7, 2016

Barcode's Birthday- 7 October

On October 7, 1952, Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver, recorded the first patent of the bar code.
Their idea was to create a code which digits are represented in lines that can be read using a suitable mesh, so that will be input to a computer (or computerized device, such as a cash register).
Their barcode does not look like a bar code known to us today, in the form of lines, letters and numbers, or square barcode suitable for smartphones (QR), but a symbol of a bull's eye made up of concentric circles.
Woodland and Silver were both graduate students in school then called Drexel Institute of Technology, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
The patent system was the immediate return of electronic information used by the product through patterns of lines of varying widths. Sixty years later, the bar code remains an enduring symbol of a time-tested technology.
Photo: Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver, 1952 barcode.

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