June 3, 2016

June Special Days

BFFs Day- 8 June

Donald Duck's birthday- 9 June

Iced Tea Day- 10 June

International Yarn Bombing Day- 11 June

Falafel Day- 12 June

Brazil's Valentine's Day -Dia dos Namorados- 12 June

People who can't cook day- 13 June

International Dolls Day- 14 June

Nature Photography Day- 15 June

Fresh Vegetables Day- 16 June

Apples Strudel Day- 17 June

International Sushi Day- 18 June

Garfield's Birthday- 19 June

Vanilla Milkshake Day- 20 June

Yoga Day- 21 June

Onion Rings Day- 22 June

Luxembourg National Day- 23 June

Fairy Day- 24 June

Summer birthday of Paddington Bear- 25 June

International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking- 26 June

Pineapple Day- 27 June

Body piercing day- 28 June

Mud Day- 29 June

Meteor watch day- 30 June

Special days falling on different dates every year:

Father's Day- Third Sunday of June

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