June 13, 2016

International Dolls Day- 14 June

World Puppet Day was declared on June 14, 1986 by a lovely lady named Mildred Seeley, who was a collector of dolls, puppets and entrepreneurial business from books about dolls.
Mildred was a huge collection of French porcelain dolls sold a year after her death, in 2002. A collection of one of her dolls sold for $ 1.8 million as a doll price was $ 215,000.
This day is designed not only to celebrate the existence of the dolls, but also the caring, nurturing and love of people in general.

Dolls Day is traditionally celebrated by giving a doll to someone, anyone, adult or child, no matter what kind of doll.
Treatment with dolls is an essential part of the lives of young children. They see them as a miniature version of themselves and treat them with love and caring.
Dolls can also serve as play-acting and give children a way to express their emotions, even negative.
It is very important to maintain the custom of playing with dolls. The new generations may miss out on this great opportunity. Little girls nowadays are more concerned with other aspects of life, such as fashion and makeup, or games on smartphones. It is very important to continue to let children play with dolls and the Dolls Day of Mildred Seeley can be a reminder.
Some of Mildred Seeley's dolls 

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