December 26, 2015

Kwanzaa - 26 December

Kwanzaa is a secular holiday celebrated among African-Americans in the US, as of December 26, for a week, until January 1. 
Holiday Kwanzaa reminds me a little Hanukkah , because of the custom of lighting the menorah candles with seven branches called Kinara, which begins with the lighting of a candle each and every day after lighting another candle. Holiday Kwanzaa is a modern holiday invented by Dr. Ron Maulana Carnegie in 1966 to honor and respect the cultural heritage of the United States from Africa. Customs of the holiday are: home decoration objects of arts, traditional African clothing, gift giving and fresh fruit. Before dinner revelers welcome cup of wine and passed it to them, including children. Kinara candle-lighting ceremony, an artistic performance and finally dinner. Blessing of the holiday is "Happy Kwanzaa feast" or "Habari Gani" (What's new in Swahili) or "Joyous Kwanzaa".

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