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World Parrot Day- 31st May

May 31 is celebrated the International Day for the parrots. The day was initiated by the World Parrot Trust in 2004.

The aim of this day is to raise awareness of the dangers which threaten the parrots that are among the most desired animals among hunters and traders and to teach how to rear parrots and how to handle them so they will be happy.
Parrots  are birds with special colorful shape.
They are among the most intelligent animals and they are particularly known for their wonderful imitation  ability. Scientists have discovered that when the parrots repeating sounds and speech of humans, they not only imitate sounds, but sometimes even understand the meaning of what they say.

Rear parrot is fun. Parrots return all the love they receive and they're loyal friends for life. They will receive you with joy and rejoicing every time you come home.
Parrots always like attention, and always when you want to play with them, they will join with joy.
Parrots have a sense of humor, they like to make people laugh and enjoy when they feel there is a happy atmosphere around them.

But to rear a parrot at home is not enough just to put it in the cage and give him food and water. If you want to keep a parrot, it is important to know ahead what you are going, and what are the things you need to invest in their treatment:

Living in the wild parrot flocks or pairs, so when in their home, it needs a lot of attention.

The parrot gets bored easily. He needs stimuli and if he does not get it, he will practice adversely him as feather plucking. It is therefore important to give him toys that are suitable for parrots.

The parrot needs a living space, as all animals (and we humans included). So have to worry about a spacious cage.

The parrot's cage should be thoroughly cleaned at least twice a week.

Parrots excrete droppings every 20 minutes and it can cause odor in the house.

Except special food for parrots, it can and should give the parrot eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Parrots do not control their own needs, so if you let them in, do not expect they will not do shit on the sofa or carpet. There's nothing to be angry with them and it is impossible to train them not to do it, not even through penalties.
 parrots animated gifs

The parrot likes to make strange noises and sometimes strong and you can not shut him up. It will not help you if you scream at him to be quiet. Is more likely to yell at you back to be quiet.

Parrot can live up to 50 years of age should take into account whether someone will take care of him throughout his life dedication.

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