Special days of the year

April Fool's day- 1st April

The first day of April is the day known as "April Fool" and his essence that is currently allowed to lie and fool people that it was a day of pranks and lies.

We all know that if we listen to the news and stories on this day, you should take them LIMITED likely that whoever tells us we have them laughing behind your back. So if a friend tells you that he descends from the country or getting married, or his grandmother left him a yacht and wants to take you on a trip around the world, or that he won the first lottery prize place or that you have something green between your teeth or your Zip is open- Do'nt believe anything! 
If your boss tells you that you are fired or your girlfriend tells you she's leaving you, or she's pregnant- you can relax, it's probably not true, on this day the chances are that they're fooling you. On the other hand, heck, maybe it's true.

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