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55 Things you shouldn't say to your angry girlfriend / wife

This is like it is in a relationship - not a day goes by without she's being angry with you for whatever the reason is. The problem is that you never know what to say, and all the immediately answers only annoys her more. I can't help you get out of it but I can try to give you a list of sentences that you shouldn't say, from experience. 

1. I don't understand why you're mad. 

2. Do you know what always calms me? Sex. What do you say? 

3. Would you relax? 

4. You're just like your mother 

5. You don't look good when you scream. 

6. It can not wait to the end of the game? 

7. "but" at the beginning or the end of each sentence. 

8. For example: but I told you already. 

9. Another example: you know I love you, but... 

10. Well, do what you want... 

11. Why do you insist on anything? 

12. What do I care what your mom says? 

13. How am I supposed to remember that? 

14. Oh, but you know that's how I am!

15. Well then, we will finish it after I get back from the bar with the guys? 

16. Don't you have laundry to do?

17. It's your perios that plays in your head, let's talk next week.

18. You're ovulating, well, it's probably because of it.

19. Maybe we argue after you have finished cooking? 

20. You do'nt understand it, so why argue?

21. I suggest you wash the house first, it calms you down

22. I see football, I don't have time to talk about it now

23. I am tired, let's talk about it tomorrow.

24. Youe make me tired.

25. Okay, but why are you crying?

26. Your problem is that you think like a woman.

27. So my offer about the sex now, it is not? sure?

28. There's not really a point to talk about it at this moment in your situation.

29. You know, you liked it at the begining...

30. Hang on a Second. "Hi Jim, what's up man?"

31. I don't care what Sam thinks.

32. Sam is a slut, and frankly she's quite moron. Why do I care what she thinks?

33. Why are you so sensitive all the time?

34. Don't worry, it will be fine

35. It's not that I don't listen, it's that you're saying the same thing for half an hour!

36. This fight is going to affect our night?

37. I worked all day, I don't feel it now.

38. Why are you making a fuss over nothing?

39. My ex wasn't bothering me like this.

40. Ugh, she also was hot... 

41. Listen, this is the dumbest argument I've ever heard.

42. But you said that everything was fine before!

43. It seems that Gossip Girl starts, maybe you go to watch?

44.  So I didn't fold the laundry, but who took you to a restaurant last week?

45. Do you see the hole in the floor? You've Dug it. 

46. You're talking about an hour, and I still don't understand what you want!

47. You're missing the point

48. When you scream I hear, when you talk I listen.

49. You exaggerate 

50. You don't think rationally at the moment

51. your mom put that idea in your head?

52. My ex girlfriends got along with it just fine

53. I don't understand how can you say that after all the compromises I compromised for you

54. Well, you said it already.

55. You look sexy when you're angry.
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I don't know if the list helped you, if you have something to add I'll be glad. When I think about it again, maybe everything you'll say will make her more angry, Maybe you just have to shut up.

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