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Guide: How to avoid sex with your husband

It happens to most women and probably happened to you. You come at last to bed, tired and dead sleep. Your body hurts and wants only to rest, the eyes want to be closed and your head just needs quiet.
Then he comes. Your husband. He starts to stick to you and touch you as if accidentally, to lure you to sex. You think: 'Get your dirty hands off me, pervert!' And says softly: "hunny I am dead tired, I need to get up early tomorrow, Let me sleep". You hear him make an angry voice, maybe he will try to convince you by pushing the glands of your guilt, that you did not do it for a month (he forgets what was the other day.) This guide was written especially for this: 10 excuses for not making sex with your husband. Read, enjoy and perhaps will be helped there. 
1. My head hurts - the classic trite excuse that lost his credibility with burnout. You might encounter sulkily face. To be more convincing, hold there a pack of headache pills by the bed, maybe it will help. 
2. I got my period- usually they buy it and leave you quietly. Among young people who are not married there is a tendency to ignore the issue and request alternative ways of sexual contentment. 
3. I went to a gynecologist today and I have a vaginal fungus - This is the ultimate excuse to exempt you at least for two months. If he asks where you got the vaginal fungus, tell him that in public toilet at the mall or at work. And what will you do if he asks you what the doctor prescribed ointment or a treatment? Do not worry, he will not ask. 
4. I have so many worries, I'm so upset that I don't feel like having sex - That excuse does not work for everyone. Most men think that sex removes disturbing thoughts and how you can be worried about something when you have a chance to have sex?, but if there is no choice, you should also try this excuse. 
5. I have to get up in 4 hours - you have to get up in four hours and must take advantage of them to sleep well, if you want to look your best in the morning, with no bags under the eyes and head clear and fresh. You do not have time for sex now. 
6. I have diarrhea - Tell him that you have serious diarrhea because of something you ate at lunch. No man would want to approach a woman that could explode at any moment. To persuade, you can spend a little more time in the bathroom, a time when you can take care for your nails or make a facial. 
7. My teeth ache - You suffer so much from toothaches and nothing helps except surgical displacement only occurs in two weeks . 
8. I must do something - as soon as he got into bed, you suddenly remember that you have a chore. Urgent laundry, cake baking, urgently phone call or e-mail. Go do the task and hope that when you'll come back to bed, he will sleep. 
9. Pretend you're sleeping - Pretend you sleep so deeply that even if an elephant will settle beside you in bed you will not wake up. 
10. Your facial hair is stabbing - if he had not shaved for days, tell him his plum stab and hurt you. If he goes to shave, Go to sleep immediately so when he comes back he finds you completely asleep. Please pay attention, these excuses are for those days that you really do not feel like having sex and would rather sleep. Days like this happen to everyone. But if you use these excuses too often, that means you have a marriage issue that should be resolved.

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