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Differences between the first and third birth - funny!

Before birth:
During your first pregnancy you make childbirth preparation course, go to maternity departments in hospitals to check them, saving your chid's ultrasound photo in your purse and show it to everyone, participates in online forums of pregnancy and consults about any hemorrhoid coming out of your ass.

During the third pregnancy you notice that you are pregnant only during the third-fourth month, you're not talking about it with anyone and don't notice any unusual thing in your body.
Before the first birth you make a long list of accessories and products for the new baby, you paint the baby's room, add murals and stick on the ceiling moon and stars, you consult about each product - what's best quality, you don't mind buying things you don't have to and you buy all new.
Before the birth of your third baby you don't buy anything. You use what you have left from your previous babies, borrowe from family and friends, giving up 90% from what was on the list of the first baby.

Before your first birth you take time off work for at least two weeks before the due date in order to rest and gather strength.
Before the third birth you're working overtime, including your due date until your co-workers have to take you to the hospital because you're water broke in the middle of the office.

At birth:
At the first birth you come to the hospital when the first axis appears and sent back home. A few days later you come back again with the first axis and sent home... So back again between three to ten times. Eventually you come at the end of the forty-two week while the baby still did'nt come out. You lie down and get a labor induction ...
On the third birth you come to the hospital only when the baby is half out. Sometimes you don't even get on time into the delivery room and having him on the way ...

On the first birth the phone hangs from hospital arrival to 24 hours after birth. After 24 hours from birt you only let your husband answer and say you can't talk because you're recovering.
On the third birth you're with the cell phone next to you to pass the time between contractions to chat with your mom and friends.
You remember to end the conversation only when the baby really wants to go out and you have a complete opening.

On the first birth you come to the hospital with a bag you prepared one month in advance, which includes underwears, דlippers, bathrobe, book, moisturizing lotion, after birth lotion, stretching skin cream, Perineum massage cream, shaving cream for your husband and more...
To the third birth you come as you are, without any further than this, only with your everyday bag with your wallet, ID card and cell phone.

On your first birth you try to make the experience good and natural as possible for the newborn.
So you try first to deliver him in the water, when it fails you're trying the hot tub. When it still doesn't work you try to roll on a large rubber ball. Eventually you find yourself on the bed screaming in pain and demand epidural.
On the third birth, you ask for epidural right away, but you don't manage to get it and the baby is out ..

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